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Blog about CMIR and UF!

I believe the best experience I have had as a journalism major at UF is working in the news room and being able to be a reporter. I love how I am responsible for sharing the stories in Gainesville, and that I am the one providing people with important information that they need to know. […]

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Review of The Tipping Point

When reading “The Tipping Point” I really enjoyed the concept that an idea can spread like an epidemic. In order to reach this tipping point, this idea must have key factors to help this idea reach the point of critical mass and once it hits this point, it spreads like wildfire. I believe this concept […]

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More Blogs to Read

Zach Donofrio talks about his life, his work, and what he pursues to do in the future.  Reilly Arundel talks about factual tips, articles and past experiences to encourage students to stay healthy and fit. Abigail Salley talks about encouraging all dog owners to train their pets. 

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Other Great Blogs

Simona Rivero focused on overall wellness for college students, which includes physical, mental and emotional health.  William Howard focused on  animals native to Florida. Nicole Rogers provided tips to living a healthy life style.

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Ginnie Springs

One of my favorite spots to visit near Gainesville is Ginnie Springs. It is located on the Santa Fe River in High Springs, Florida. When you get there, it is recommended to rent a float. This will make it easier to travel around the spring. It is a great spot to go river tubing, swimming, […]

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Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park provides many locations and 8 trails, where there is access to nature trails, wildlife viewing, hiking, and camping. It has 4 observation platforms, including a 50 foot tower near the Visitor Center, that provide an open vista. There is so much to enjoy at this state park. In one of […]

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Two Tails Ranch

An incredible place that I have been wanted to go to for a while now is Two Tails Ranch. It was built for Asian and African elephants that need a temporary or permanent home.  Over 250 elephants have lived in the ranch at some point, for many different reasons. Patricia Zerbini opened the ranch to the public […]

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Weeki Wachee Springs State Park

There are many places near Gainesville that I am looking forward to visiting in the near future.  One of the top places on my bucket list is Weeki Wachee Springs State Park. I’ve heard many positive things that has led me to research more about it. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet, but I’m […]

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