Blog about CMIR and UF!

I believe the best experience I have had as a journalism major at UF is working in the news room and being able to be a reporter. I love how I am responsible for sharing the stories in Gainesville, and that I am the one providing people with important information that they need to know. I feel a sense of pride that I get to write the stories, edit the footage, and present my work to the public in my own unique way. This is why I love the mission that the CMIR is putting forth and how they plan to execute this mission. The CMIR focuses on developing new ways to tell stories to the public in a clear way that viewers enjoy watching. This includes 3-D imagery, animation, mobile media, and so much more! Learning new ways to present my stories to the people of Gainesville is something that I am so passionate about, and I always feel so excited to continue to learn these different ways to reach new audiences and to inform the public. I hope to continue to research new technology to be able to display new stories even better in the future. I am very thankful that the CMIR provides me with these opportunities to continue my passion. Being apart College of Journalism and Communications has been an amazing experience and I am happy I was able to be apart of it. I have learned both the reporting and production side of the news. The skills I have gained from being apart of WUFT will help me further my career outside of the walls of UF.

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