Two Tails Ranch

An incredible place that I have been wanted to go to for a while now is Two Tails Ranch. It was built for Asian and African elephants that need a temporary or permanent home.  Over 250 elephants have lived in the ranch at some point, for many different reasons. Patricia Zerbini opened the ranch to the public in 2009. I’ve heard that the interaction with the elephants is amazing and it’s a unique opportunity that is not offered in most places.  The ranch also has other animals including zebras, birds, a camel, and turtles. Two tails ranch is located at 18655 NE 81st St. Williston, FL 32696.

Two Tails Ranch offers tours where they talk about all the animals and have a Q & A session; during the tour, you can pay extra to hand feed or ride the elephants. All visits are by appointment only. To make an appointment or get more information you can e-mail them at Admission to the ranch is $20 per adult and $10 per child. 100 % of proceeds go to caring for the elephants. This is a worthwhile way to spend a day!

This video gives everything you need to know about Two Tails Ranch, what you can do there, and the elephants they have.

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