There are so many nature parks in Gainesville that you can visit for an adventure. My favorite nature park to explore is Hogtown Creek Greenway at Loblolly Woods South. There is a great path to walk through with many things to see.

When you first enter the trail there is a picnic table. I made a picnic for my friends and we all had lunch there before we began to explore all the park had to offer. There was a trash can near the picnic table which was convenient. Afterward, we got deeper into the trail.

As you walk on the trail you hear many animals making the sounds of nature. It is a great place to go to relax and enjoy the quiet of the forest or go for a bike ride. While walking through the park I saw a creek that I spent a long time enjoying the view of. When leaving I saw a sign that explained the creek has high levels of fecal bacteria, so make sure to not go in the water or touch it!


There are seven natural community types at Loblolly Woods including floodplain marsh, floodplain forest, mesic hammock, seepage streams, sinkhole lake, bottomland forests and upland mixed forest. I saw many creatures out and about like caterpillars, squirrels and birds.

The park is open from dawn to dusk every day. It is located on Fifth Avenue right off of NW 34th St. The turn comes up fast so make sure you are paying attention. Parking is free, but limited. There weren’t many cars there so I didn’t have a problem. The trail is about a half a mile long and was completed in 2000.

I had a great experience at this nature park and will be visiting again. Next time I am going to bring my bike. I recommend going on a day with good weather.

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